Light Invariant Video Camera (LIVCam)

Shadow Free Objects Which Appear the Same Independent of Light Conditions

The need: Video camera output is influences by light condition in the scene. Keeping light condition the same improves the performance of most computer vision algorithms, such as face recognition. This can be done by using only the flash light. But flash light is often weaker than the background light and its influence is not strong enough.


Our approach: LIVCam robustness to light conditions is a results of its unique design and proprietary software. The system has several capabilities which include shadow removal, color constancy and contrast enhancement in real time using software and existing cameras and light. The system can be implemented on cell phones, or any programmable video camera. The light system can be part of the camera, such as in cell phones, or as a separate light on the ceiling for example.

Stage and Development: A proof of concept prototype was built demonstrating light source separation in real time (15FPS) using software.


Range of applications: The system improves the performance of most computer vision algorithms, such as face recognition by illuminating the scene with a uniform light, keeping constant object color, and by preventing hacks because it filters out the light coming from flat screens. Example video can be seen here:

Potential Market: Over 2.4 Billion mobile devices1 will be sold in 2016 and all of use a privacy security system. By integrating our system – using existing mobile devices – the market share has a potential of 7.2 Billion.

Research Team: Professor Hugo Guterman, Dr. Rami Hagege and Amir Kolaman Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva.

Patent Status: a provisional patent application has been submitted.

Contact for Licensing and Investment Information: Zafrir Levy, VP Business Development, BG Negev Technologies -

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